Published On: Sat, May 5th, 2018

4 opposition parties form “Alliance of Nation” to challenge Ak Parti at June 24 elections

24 June 2018 is no doubt going to be one of the most important dates in Turkey’s history. The competition between the ruling Ak Party (with the support of the small partner MHP) and the opposition is certainly destined to be very tough. The reason is about half of the voters believe if the current president wins the presidential elections again, Turkey will start experiencing even “a stricter regime”, under his rule and it will be a last blow to real democracy and freedoms in various walks of life. The country will be ruled under a single-man regime, having lost the hope to return to true democracy again.

The block gathered around the current head of state on the other hand believe their leader, that is President ERDOGAN means everything to Turkey and they simply could not imagine a Turkey without their leader (without exaggeration).This group believes the only reason the opposition want to bring down their leader is “hostility” felt towards their leader.

The reality may be quite different though for those who are against the current president as they claim to have good solid reasons to want a change of political power in the country. They believe the current administration (Ak Party literally) has given much damage to Turkey both economically and politically. The current head of the party seems to be going through a very difficult period with problems both at home and abroad and to be even worse it is no secret that the country is backed into the corner, financially with huge debts to be paid to keep the system going.

The intereesting part is, the President does not seem to be sure about the results of the elections this time and he has had to team up with MHP (National Movement Party) to form an alliance called Public Alliance “to run as one” at upcoming elections.  However, it is not very clear how much the ruling party will benefit from this togetherness with its partner – which has lost incredibly much ground due to fatal mistakes made by its leader that is Mr. BAHCELI. Thus these concerns seem to be major issues for Ak Party and its leader certainly as elections approach.

On the other hand three (actually four) opposition parties with different perspectives have also teamed up to form an alliance called the “NATION’s Alliance” and they will run in the election as one (not going into details here). Those 3 parties have chosen their separate candidates to run for president and have agreed to support the one that gets the most votes in case there is a second round against Erdoğan. It goes without saying they have also agreed to join their forces and act as one against the ruling party at/after the deputy elections.

The Nation’s Alliance has circulated a protocol today and announced their first goal was to overcome ‘traps and tricks’ to ensure a fair election. The protocol of the opposition alliance was given to the Supreme Election Board (YSK).

Following was mentioned in the protocol:

We decided to cooperate and formed an alliance for the election of deputies. The name of this alliance is “ALLIANCE of the NATION”.

Aware of the difficult conditions our country is in today, in the presence of our great nation and witnessed by all our citizens we have come together to realize the following:

Put an end to social polarization, ensure that fair and secure elections are held in an environment of peace,   brotherhood and trust that our people miss
– Normalize our political system as soon as possible and reconstruct competitive democratic political ground
– Bring back superiority of law, judicial independence and impartiality,
– Ensure all rights and freedoms, “freedom of speech and press” to be in the first place

By keeping our different programs and world views, we declare to our great nation that we, the Republican People’s Party, the Democratic Party, the Good Party and the Felicity Party, have agreed to run in the 27th term deputy elections on 24 June 2018 under the name of “ALLIANCE of the NATION”.

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