Published On: Tue, Dec 13th, 2016

A brief evaluation of the tourism industry in Turkey


The tourism sector in Turkey has developed substantially in the last few decades but it still has a long way to go until the top point it truly deserves given the advantages this country is in possession of. It is generally accepted by experts that selling services is far more important for a country than selling goods, in many ways. However it is essential to shape up and decide on a basic and feasible/long term marketing plan based on solid research to expect successful and satisfactory results from tourism activities. It goes without saying within this masterplan qualified work force must be considered as a major/vital element which in return requires top-of-the-notch education and training of concerned personnel to be employed in the industry.

Turkey, despite some considerably noteworthy performance in the industry during last decades still has to upgrade many factors as part of the whole process/operation. Only then will this country have taken its place it actually deserves among the leaders in the industry, on a global level.

Down below you will find a link with much information about the tourism industry in Turkey. The article provides interesting info about how tourism started developing in Turkey and also information about major destinations etc.

Tourism in Turkey: A Multi-Billion Industry


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