Published On: Mon, Oct 1st, 2018

A giant company in Turkey’s renewable energy sector: Akfen Renewable Energy

A giant company in Turkey’s renewable energy sector: Akfen Renewable Energy

Akfen Renewable Energy which started producing electricity with its first HPP plant in 2009 has been operating in Turkey which has faced the highest increase in energy demand among OECD countries in the last 10 years (as of 2018).

Akfen Renewable Energy, contributes to Turkey’s national economy with a diversified combination of modern power plants most of which have been put into operation in the last ten years, at locations with best natural resources.

Factors such as

national strategy to reduce dependence on natural gas via support for renewable energy
stable revenue forecast due to fixed purchase guarantee/incentive systems
stable margins and convenience in funding

have increased interest in renewable energy sources in Turkey.

Akfen Renewable Energy Inc. involves in production of energy from renewable energy sources and wholesale of electricity energy. Akfen Wholesale Sales serves as a distribution channel for the production of Akfen Renewable Energy plants to the wholesale market.

Akfen Renewable Energy, which continues to develop its renewable energy projects, has a strong focus on cost control with its simple and efficient organizational structure.

Akfen Renewable Energy Inc. is continuing its investments with its wide portfolio of 1.724 MW capacity and WPP projects, in various stages of development process, currently.


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