Published On: Tue, May 21st, 2019

A major global threat: Will the USA attack Iran

It is no secret that the tension existing between the US and Iran for many years reached a peak after President TRUMP took office in 2016. On the other hand there is no doubt that Iran has plans to be dominant in the region by spreading its regime and puts them into practice on every opportunity. To be even worse many consider it as bad luck for the world that the USA is governed by a leader with unpredictable pattern of behavior that could impose a serious threat to world peace. The more so when Trump has taken his dislike against Iran further and made this issue almost a personal obsession, as well.

The question is “Will the USA attack Iran – in the near future”. Obviously there are reasons to make experts think this would not likely be a picture the world might have to face, for several reason whereas there are other points that make one think such a war between two countries could be possible after all, putting the whole Middle East on fire again.

Based on evaluations by experts the reasons why the US could organize an attack on Iran in 2019 seem to be more powerful more realistic as compared the other way round. As far as Trump is concerned, his problems within the country are increasing, investigations against him are continuing, allegations are increasing.

In the upcoming period, the Democrats with a majority in the House of Representatives could increase their pressure on TRUMP to pave the way to the loss of the Presidency for him.

Sometimes, it may be an alternative for some leaders who are in trouble in their country to start a war unfortunately to distract attention and direct it to other points so as to collect the society behind them by stroking their feelings of nationalism. That could the case for TRUMP who might want to use IRAN issue for this purpose.

On the other hand another development that supports this prediction is the fact that the United States clearly wants to establish a safe zone in northern Syria on top of strengthening its military bases in Qatar and Jordan

Exactly like President Bush’s obsession with Saddam Hussein caused a major war in Iraq causing loss of millions of lives, President Trump’s Iranian obsession could trigger a new disaster in the Middle East.

In order to prevent a new war that would turn the region into a hell of violence and blood once again, Turkey should do its best for its national interests as well by mending and improving relations with neighbors to include Syria in the first place. However, Turkey has come to a point where it could take some magic to manage relations with both USA and RUSSIA. Hence President ERDOGAN has a true challenge ahead of him.

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