Published On: Mon, Nov 20th, 2017

A scenario about “What if USA and Europe lost Turkey to a Russia-Iran block?”

A scenario about “What if USA and Europe lost Turkey to a Russia-Iran block?”

No one can say things have been moving in the right direction between Turkey and the Western world for quite a while. Turkey claims Europe and USA do not grasp the hard times it has incurred in terms of both politics and economy to include a failed coup attempt in 2016 as well and yet the Western world emphasizes that Turkey does not comply to standards of democracy and violates human rights and other basic and critical principles such as unacceptable practices in judiciary and the pressure on journalists etc. that make up the foundation of law order in EU, in specific.

This disagreement between two parties has even led to major conflicts such as the issues between Turkey and the Netherlands, Turkey and Germany a while ago and the visa crisis between the USA and Turkey, quite recently. To be more worrisome and alarming one does not need to look very carefully that an anti-Turkish wave has been growing in some western countries for a while now, the Netherlands and Germany surely to be in the first place. Then again it is no secret that the USA has not been spending a sincere effort to resolve the dispute between two countries regarding the thorny problem of existence of Kurdish groups in Syria and the security threat for Turkey in case a Kurdish state were established in the region. All in all, looking at the big picture one could easily conclude that USA and the Western World have given up on Turkey and its alliance which have been very valuable against a hostile block for ages.

Well, right at this point the question isWhat happens if Turkey finally realizes and grasps it is of no value to its allies anymore and it is dispensable?This is exactly where our scenario begins.

In such a situation the world could encounter a new formation that has never happened in history. Turkey might want to establish a partnership with Russia and Iran. It would obtain weapons, energy and all other kinds of support from these countries. The critical question is “Would the natural gas, oil and nuclear power in possession of Russia and Iran be enough to keep Turkey survive?”… The answer to this question would no doubt be “yes”.

On the other hand though if such a scenario realized, a bloc shaped by an alliance between Russia-Turkey and Iran could change the balance of the world. It could take total control of the Middle East and confine Europe to its small continent. Moreover such an alliance could add Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Turkic states to its own power. It could and would establish closer relations with the Muslim world and dominate oil and gas resources etc. To be even more vital it could team up with China…

This development would incredibly reduce the global effectiveness of the “West”, which is made up of Europe, America and Japan to a certain extent. This new block could gain more strength in time and thus “the conflict or issue of Turkey” could end up causing a much bigger crack in the world and even a 3rd World War

Now the last question is “who can assure that such a scenario would never realize?”… In fact, at a time when the world is monitoring breathless every word pronounced and every step taken by greedy leaders with ambitions to share the world.


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