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Welcome to BUSINESS TURKEY TODAY. This site is published for business people who would like to have information about topics such as

Economy News
Political News
Profile of Turkey
Companies in Turkey
Establishment and Related Regulations
Travel and Accommodation in Turkey etc.

We follow several news sources to update the site with information that would provide convenience for people who would/might like to do business in/with Turkey, in the future. We publish own articles under articles category and also important news from the world, under NEWS/WORLD category.

Additionally we have a category for websites (about Turkey) run by foreigners living in (and out of)  this country. We also put articles written by foreigners about Turkey in the same category.

BUSINESS TURKEY TODAY is improving fast and with several query results we rank on first page on GOOGLE.COM

We are ready to welcome your constructive remarks and comments, at all times.

Mustafa HUNCA (Marketing Specialist, Ex-businessman)

01 FEBRUARY 2017 (updated)