Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

According to General Electric Turkey is one of the priority countries for investment

According to General Electric Turkey is one of the priority countries for investment

GE Turkey, Power Transformer Plant –

GE group has identified Turkey among priority countries in growth performance. The world giant, who signed the first smart factory transformation in Gebze, is determined to take a significant part in the digitalization journey of Turkish companies. GE has already transformed its production plant in Gebze Istanbul into “smart factory” and the management believes it will be a good example for the whole world.

The world giant has been present in Turkey for over 70 years now in sectors such as energy, healthcare, aviation, renewable energy, digital etc. The group operates in each sector in an active manner as the management considers Turkey to be one of their homes in the world. According to top management the developing middle class ignites the economy and the country promises great potential with its young population on top of the efforts of the administration to create a quality environment in areas such as health, transportation and energy. GE considers Turkey to be an important part of the group’s future.

Despite the major issues Turkey has gone through recently and some discouraging evaluations by credit rating agencies, GE is determined to continue investments in Turkey as part of their long term strategies. The management is now focused on healthcare investments, in specific and they find the public and private sector collaboration in the country very impressive, targeting to increase quality in the health care system and not just accessibility which could certainly be considered as a major opportunity for GE.

On the other hand the group is seriously involved in the energy sector as well, via their plant for production of wind turbine blades in Izmir. The management comments that this project is not important for domestic use only but they also aim to export to many countries from Izmir. In fact, this production facility which had been built with an investment of $ 50 million in Bergama, has just made its first exports to Australia.

Then again, the group has several other major investments in Turkey such as “The Power Transformers in Gebze” which could rank number one in exports in its field.

GE is going through a digital transformation. The group is applying new technologies/systems in their Gebze plant to start off with as an example. They are to convert the production center in Gebze into a smart factory. In case they achieve success with the model at this plant, the management will not hesitate to spread this model to sectors such as Airlines, energy companies, hospitals which would like to enter the digitization process to see how they can benefit from it. It goes without saying the monetary benefit to be thus gained would be huge.

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