Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Aksener starts a new political movement under the name “Good Party”

Akşener establishes her new party under the name "Good Party".

An experienced right-wing politician and former interior minister Ms. Meral AKSENER established her long expected political party with the title of “GOOD PARTY” on October 25th, 2017. Aksener presented a petition to the Ministry of Interior for the establishment of “Good Party” the day before the first meeting with the founders and sympathizers of the new party.

In her first message on behalf of her party, AKSENER said “Turkey is good. Turkey and its people are tired, the state has suffered corrosion, the public order has been resolved, there is no other way except for changing the whole political climate“.

AKSENER, delivered following messages in her speech:

“The 2002 elections were a search of our nation to get rid of social problems such as corruption, prohibitions and poverty. These expectations led AK Party to power. This party is considered to be successful in its initial years in power. However, starting 2007, it has turned into a “a power without vision”. Turkey has become an open area for operations. With the April 16 referendum, the 1946 elections were almost staged again. A transition “from the sovereignty of the nation” to “the judge’s will” has been realized.

Democracy is under threat. Turkey is tired, people are tired. No healthy road has remained except for the change of political climate. Now is the time to say new things. Turkey has also the power to overcome its big problems. We want a rich Turkey where justice prevails. We want a free society. We want a happy Turkey. We are launching Turkey’s embrace with a new, good political movement. Good is justice. Good is determination. Good is hope. Good is future. Good is knowledge. Good is wealth. Good is courage. Good means civilization and only the brave lay the stones of this road. In the light of “the sun of goodness”, we will embrace 80 million.

AKSENER has declared the program of the new (GOOD) party as follows:

  • Our main goal is to enter the top 10 economies of the world.
  • We will increase our national income to USD 14 thousand 500 by the end of the first five years.
  • The average age of education will be 11 years.
  • The literacy rate for women under the age of 40 will be 100 percent within five years.
  • Our target is to rank among the 40 countries at the end of the first five years in global wealth index.
  • We target to host 50 million tourists who will spend an average of US$ 1000, a year.
  • We aim to return to the parliamentary system with a new constitution by the end of the first year.
  • We will make a democratic political party law in the first year.
  • We will control 150,000 hectares of plantation and erosion, per year.
  • We target to rank among the top 20 countries in the PISA rankings.
  • We aim to reduce the unemployment rate below 8 percent by the end of the first five years.
  • Another target will be to achieve the industry 4.0 revolution in technology.
  • We will also see to it that youth and woman feel positive energy in all areas of life.
  • We will immediately implement European Union standards in freedom of the press.
  • We will make the passport of the Republic of Turkey regain its reputation/worthiness it deserves.

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