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Aluminum Industry in Turkey and worldwide exports

ALUMINUM_TURKEY_SECTORThe Turkish aluminium industry has been booming since 2002.

Production levels, domestic sales and imports and exports have been continuously rising.

The expansion of important consuming industries such as the automobile industry and housing construction, and the demand for semi-finished and finished aluminium products for the packaging industry as well as electric household devices have been influential factors in the growth of the sector.

According to report issued by Talsad (Turkish Association of Aluminium Producers), per-head aluminium consumption rose from 3,8 kg to 6,5 kg between the years 2000 and 2007.  To compare, an average quantity of 33 kg of aluminium per head is used in OECD countries. When this figure and the increased industrialisation and modernisation of the country are taken into consideration, it can be said Turkey has a very high domestic sales potential.

This huge development in the sector is known to be due to following factors;

The packaging sector expands annually by 10% and thus has an increased requirement of aluminium foil for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals

The construction of shopping and leisure centres and other commercial objects with modern façades necessitates an increased quantity of aluminium and glass.

Export potentials in this sector are great as Turkish contracting companies also undertake such projects abroad.

The Turkish automobile manufacturing sector displays an increasing demand for parts and accessories made of aluminium in order to reduce weight and corrosion. This industry is highly export!orientated.

Based on another report by an int’l company, Turkish aluminium consumption increased to 989 thousand tons in 2009 with a CAGR of 5 percent between 2005 and 2009.

On the other hand, Turkey is dependent on imports due to the lack of domestic aluminium supply. 81 percent of the total imports were primary aluminium whereas the main items exported were aluminium extrusions and flat products, bars, rods and profiles, together comprising 55 percent of the total exports in 2009.

Aluminium is mainly imported from Russia, Norway and Germany whereas  aluminium  products  are mainly exported to Germany, Iraq and the UK.

The Turkish aluminium industry comprises around 1500 companies with a total of 18,000 employees. To a large extent they are small!sized enterprises with low capacities. Below table shows the largest and partially expansionist companies that control the domestic market and also exports.

The sector has great potential for exports, the demand from the Turkish contractors abroad to be first in the row.

Aiming at an average 10 to 15 percent growth each year. Production figures in the year 2005 as tones as follows.
Primary aluminium: 60000
Secondary alum.    65000
Extrusion : 190000
Rolled products: 130000
Conductor: 30000
Casting: 128000
In 2006, 459652 tones of primary aluminum and 12134 tones of secondary aluminum have been imported. In addition 30000 tones of scrap entered the country.
Export potential has reached 299818 tones in 2006 as follows.
Extrusions: 108590 tones
Rolled Products: 95740 tones
Construction sector as finished products: around 16000 tones
Cast alum.: 83000 tones
Our producers ship their goods mostly to European, Asian, and Turkish Republic markets. They attribute great importance in developing the variety and quality of their goods.

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Mr. KÜÇÜKSERİM is an ex-professional in the sector who has taken important management posts with one of the pioneering companies in the industry.

He has established and run the export company of the concerned group for many years as well during which he has had the opportunity of acquiring very comprehensive know-how and a substantial portfolio of clients and most reputable investors in the Middle East region in specific.

After having retired from the group several years ago, Mr. KÜÇÜKSERİM has been providing int’l investors with the expertise he possesses in the sector.

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