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An informative blog about Fethiye: Turkey’s For Life

Turkey is becoming more and more popular each and every day and many are moving into this “UNIQUE” country to carry on with their lives over here…

Some (quite a few) get married to Turkish citizens in which case they do not need to look for more reasons to be convinced to get settled down in this country and then again some just go for the adventure or fun part of it.. And we also know many who simply fell in love with the local people and the beauties of the country and surely found something missing way back home and decided to stay.

A few of these NEWCOMERS loved this new happening in their lives so much that they decided to share it with other people all over the world, as well… How? via internet of course… and decided to publish web sites about their findings experiences in this lovely country (so they say)…

One of those websites published on the net is called TURKEY’S FOR LIFE and run by Julia and Barry.

The blog mainly focuses on the many positive and great things about FETHIYE. It is quite informative and provides a lot of useful knowledge about places to see in Çalış, Kayaköy and Ölüdeniz and places to eat and drink and things to do around this area.

The site also provides an opportunity for comparison of hotel prices in Turkey. Moreover one can find interesting and useful info about cooking and trekking in this country.

Well, have a look for yourself…Editor, BTT


And so, before we came to Fethiye in Turkey we were the sort of couple that were never going to go to the same place twice on holiday. There’s a whole wide world out there to see after all – and Fethiye is just one small corner of it.

We got a bit grabbed by Fethiye though (most people do) and that was that!

We had three overseas holidays in a row – all of them to Fethiye – and now we’re sort of living here.

Lots of people say to us that we must have been brave to give everything up and move to Fethiye in Turkey. Well, we would have been brave if that’s what we did, except it wasn’t quite like that.

We had been brave in some ways because we sold our house and quit careers in England – but just to come and travel around Turkey for 6 months in the winter of 2003/4. The original plan was that we’d get Turkey out of our system and then go back to England with some vague idea about running our own business.

And… well, we just never went back really.We bought a little house in Fethiye – completely on a whim – and we’ve been on a very happy, interesting, who-knows-what’s-next plan B since that day. It’s all been quite haphazard – with some stints back working in England crossing days off the calendar – but often our life in Fethiye is very normal too.

Our blog, Turkey’s For Life, tries to focus on all of the many positive and great things about Fethiye and other parts of Turkey. The area around Fethiye itself could take years to explore – and then there are all of the other fantastic places in Turkey like Istanbul, Cappodocia, the Black Sea – really too many to mention. We haven’t even touched the surface of Turkey yet!

You’ll find lots of recommendation for places to see in Fethiye, places to eat and drink and things to do around this area and other parts of Turkey on our blog. All of this is very subjective – everything you see on Turkey’s For Life is just an indication of the way we like to spend our days – so there’s no guarantee that what we like is going to be liked by everyone. We’ve heard very few people complain about the places we mention though!

Most of the places we talk about in Fethiye, Çalış, Kayaköy, Ölüdeniz and other places close by can be found tagged on our map of Fethiye. You can also compare the best hotel prices from different travel booking sites in one search using our Fethiye Hotel Comparison pages. And you can browse for other hotels in Turkey since most popular cities are covered.

We also like to do a bit of cooking and trekking too – so you’ll find a few Turkish recipes and some hikes in and around Fethiye on our pages.

If you like what you see on our blog then please subscribe to Turkey’s For Life and join us on Facebook or Twitter. Also, please feel free to add any of your Fethiye and Turkey photos to our Flickr Group.

We have also created an Amazon store where we’ve picked out some of our favourite and most useful Turkish items. You can browse through and buy Turkish music, Turkish films and books about Turkey without leaving Turkey’s For Life’s pages.

Okay, we hope you enjoy the Turkey’s For Life blog about Fethiye and Turkey and enjoy your visits (or life) here. We might well bump into you somewhere…..more than likely at Deep Blue Bar!

Thanks for reading!

Julia and Barry
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