Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2018

An opinion about who won and who lost in the aftermath of Brunson case

An opinion about who won and who lost in the aftermath of Brunson case

A while ago, Turkey and the USA mutually found themselves in a political crisis of a magnitude they had not lived through before. Now, someone to hear or read this statement might even think that these two countries did not manage to share a piece of land or something. No, the whole issue had to do with detention and imprisonment of an American pastor by Turkey (not to say it is of no importance, certainly).

However the incident was used and even abused so powerfully by President Trump, one cannot stop thinking “God we’re real lucky the two countries are not neighbors, if they were they could have even declared war or something”.

Anyway, following strong statements from leaders of both Turkey and the USA, pastor Brunson was eventually released by Turkey (in a swift effort, as commented by some) to return back home, sweet home – which was interpreted as a success story of Trump.

When we examine all this, we see the following; At the end of the day, Pastor Brunson has functioned as a dual-use instrument with contribution to performance of both presidents.

– He happened to help Turkey’s President who wanted to collect nationalist votes from the patriotist electorate in June 24 electionsas he often uses the element of patriotism and rhetoric that no country could dictate Turkey to do anything etc.

– Now however, it seems the pastor will serve as a present to Trump who would certainly use the case as a success story in which “he happened to save a good family man of strong Christian faith and brought him back home thanks to his strong leadership etc” ahead of elections on November 6th.

As the picture is very clear, this ordinary/humble (?) American pastor will have served the success of both leaders. So it is a win-win situation obviously. Both parties will have benefited. However, for those who wonder “if anybody is at loss”, it is no doubt Turkish citizens, as the whole picture has reflected (and will do so much more in close future) on ordinary Turks in the street (and companies as well) in terms of an additional burden in the form an increased cost of living due to fast devaluation of Turkish lira against dollar. As for the relation and share of the Brunson case in this economic blow, Trump’s handling in the form of threats and economic bans on Turkey were certainly not the only influential reason, but they had their share, with no doubt.

Thus, the actual losers in the end were Turks really who already have to cope with high inflation trying to make ends meet each month.

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