Published On: Mon, Nov 17th, 2014

Article Scan: No Laughing Matter.. Turkey’s International Prestige Hits New Low

LOUIS-FISHMANNo Laughing Matter: Turkey’s International Prestige Hits New Low

During last week’s blog, I shared with my readers the ongoing saga of Turkish president Erdogan’s palace and the bad rap it was receiving in the world press. And, with its costs possibly soaring to over a billion dollars, rightly so. If this was not enough, this past week Turkey once again made world headlines with a protest (attack) on US sailors, and with Erdogan providing the world with a revisionist history of the Americas.

Last Wednesday, three American sailors (in civilian clothing) were attacked by a group of protesters, belonging to an extreme nationalist group. Although the perpetrators were eventually arrested, they were released shortly after. The sheer ugliness of the event is hard to describe in words. Even if I am not at all sympathetic to the US military, they were guests of Turkey and the humiliation the sailors endured was unjust. We can only praise the sailors for the restraint they showed since this could have ended much worse.


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