Published On: Sun, Nov 26th, 2017

Article: Are Israel, Saudi Arabia about to upgrade relations? (Ben Caspit – Al Monitor)

Are Israel, Saudi Arabia about to upgrade relations?

Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi are developing their relations with Israel… An interesting article about developing Saudi Arabia-Israel relations …

Are Israel, Saudi Arabia about to upgrade relations? (Ben Caspit – Al Monitor)

The surprising interview that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot gave to the Saudi news site Elaph was published on Nov. 16, just a few days before the 40th anniversary of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s historic visit to Jerusalem. While it is hard to compare these two events, some people in Israel see a kind of connection between them.

Sadat shocked the Middle East and the entire world when he announced in 1977, without any prior warning, that he was prepared to board a plane to Jerusalem and address the Knesset, if that would lead to a historic peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. The current interview, which was the first of its kind between an Israeli chief of staff and a Saudi news site, might indicate that the romance between Israel and Saudi Arabia may finally go public, after taking place behind the scenes for a long time. There will be no historic peace agreement here (for the moment), but there may be a kind of normalization on a low burner. Maybe.

What happened with Sadat was much more dramatic. After declaring that he received an official invitation to visit the Israeli capital, the Egyptian president got on a plane and was received by an honor guard at Ben Gurion Airport. He addressed the Knesset the very next day, and two years later, signed a historic peace treaty with the leader of the Israeli right, Prime Minister Menachem Begin…

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