Published On: Sat, Sep 23rd, 2017

Imperial games played in the Middle East and challenges awaiting Turkey

Turkish troops in Iraq

The Middle East is and has almost always been a hot spot for the world peace. Needless to say super powers such as England (in the past in particular), France, Germany not to forget the USA above all have played their cards in the region splitting it into pieces as and creating hostile states (so to say) and peoples despite Islam supposed to unite peoples of the same religion living in the region.

It goes without saying abundancy of energy sources has always been the number one reason and countries such as Saudi Arabia have been made up to guard the benefits of such imperialist powers under the cover of “bringing and protecting democracy etc. on earth” and undertaking the role of “the gendarme of the world”. The ultimate target behind the most recent play staged by these powers in Iraq (like with the ones in Egypt, Libya Iraq and alike) is no different to above mentioned strategy. The location might differ as has the case been with Syria for instance, but the players are mostly the same not to forget Russia with a much more powerful existence and involvement today.

Meanwhile, small obstacles may come in the way and strategies may have to be amended or postponed for a while (at least) but this does not mean the target is lost, because it is always there to be grabbed in the end, like with the Great Middle East Project (put together by the USA, supposedly).

Just when people started thinking “This Great Middle East Project is not going to take shape. The US has not accomplished its mission this time” everybody woke up to see the project was still on and the imperial strategy to split up countries – to make up much weaker ones to have more control over them – was in place and functioning as planned – with one change only; the powerful involvement of Russia this time, which is yet another imperial power in its own way.

It looks like the imperial powers have decided it’s time to put an end to the game in Syria now and split the profits, judging on their efforts to establish peace in the region again. We need to insert at this point that the Trump would have certainly preferred to keep Russia out of the table as Putin has posed a major conflict of interest situation for the States, from the beginning.

As for Turkey, this country has been struggling to put an end to the terror run by separatist Kurdish militants in its territory for many decades now and has had to bear with losses of tens of thousands of lives and hundreds of billion dollars. As for the assumption the terror in this country is funded and supported by some western countries, has unfortunately proved to be true based on many objective findings and observations, so far – many details to support this statement can be provided, without any doubt.

Recently though Turkey has had to cope with another major threat from the south which started with the US intervention and following turmoil in Iraq and to be even worse the civil war triggered by WAR LORDS of the FREE WORLD using tools such as El Nusra and ISIL etc. This last major problem in Syria has cost Turkey an unbearable cost – due to millions of refugees – in its budget and serious discomfort in the country and among its people.

Turkey has managed well so far to cope with such and tried to absorb this unbearable burden within its maximum capabilities. The administration has also changed its Syria policy given up on the obsession of bringing down Assad regime in said country and started working together with Russia and Iran to put an end to the bloody conflict in Syria. Turkey has literally contributed by even sending troops to get the ISIL forces out of the territory.

However, right at this point another threat has risen on the horizon and this time with the contribution of a solution partner in the region; Barzani has declared he is to hold a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan for the establishment of an independent state which has been the final straw for Turkey, really.

The reason is Barzani’s decision and determination to go ahead with a referendum may cause a domino effect, posing a risk to stir up the Kurdish issue in the country to “a point of no return”  considering the Kurdish issue in Turkey is still pending. Turkey would certainly hate to see and watch its Kurdish population being provoked to join a newly established independent Kurdish state in its southern border, as this would cause further discomfort in the country and much more severe this time as compared to what has been experienced so far.

Therefore Ankara sees an independent Kurdish State to be established in Iraq (or Syria) as a serious threat to its sovereignty and would stand against such a move.

To what extent Ankara will be able to prevent it to happen and what measures would be applicable are other questions. The reason is Turkey has also close ties to the Barzani administration which are both political and economic (to be even more important, probably) and Ankara has to think twice and more times before setting into action in case the referendum takes place.

The bottom line is Turkey may find itself at crossroads before getting into a major challenge with a whole bunch of consequences at a time when the whole region is being reshaped.

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