Published On: Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017

Article: “Will Trump sanction Turkey for purchase of S-400 missiles”

Article: "Will Trump sanction Turkey for purchase of S-400 missiles"

America’s NATO partner Turkey has purchased an advanced Russian missile system called the S-400. Under the latest Russian sanctions law passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, the administration is required to sanction Turkey and cut off all U.S. arms sales to that country for doing business with a banned Russian firm. But will Trump actually do it?

I put this question to U.S. Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison this past weekend at the Halifax International Security Forum. Her answer was a definite maybe. She said the Trump administration has made Turkey aware of the ramifications of doing a deal with the Russian defense sector, but the administration hasn’t yet decided what to do about it.

“We are going to deal with a tough issue bilaterally, I don’t know that a decision has been made on that question. I don’t know what the answer will be,” Hutchison said…

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