Published On: Tue, Dec 26th, 2017

Arzu Kaprol.. A famous Turkish fashion designer

Turkish fashion designers have had considerable success stories starting from 1990s. The shorter distances have become between the western world and Turkey, the closer the relations have become to provide the opportunity of sharing traits of different cultures. Talking about culture Turkey is surely among the foremost countries to offer to the peoples of the world.

Ms. Arzu KAPROL, a Turkish citizen born in Bursa in 1972 is among the most successful Turkish fashion designers ever.

Kaprol who studied fashion design at Mimar Sinan University and the Paris American Academy, won her first prize in the Beymen Academia New Talents Competition in 1995.

After having opened her own office at Nişantaşı (the most elite quarter of the town) Kaprol has participated in many fashion trade shows and fashion weeks in Istanbul, Milan, Paris and Dusseldorf.

This talented fashion designer is known to be personally involved putting together the art and design work for the product line of her company.

Additionally, Kaprol has been working as the creative director of Network one of the pioneering fashion brands in Turkey . Moreover Ms Kaprol has has also designed home products under the name of Arzu Kaprol Home Collection for the Linens shops.

Kaprol couture line is launched at her concept stores in Istanbul, Bursa and Antalya; and the pret-a-porter de luxury line is launched in Europe, China and Japan through showrooms located in Madrid and Hong Kong. Her philosophy is to express her enthusiasm within a context, where many details reflect the mystery of the city and the Ottoman culture. All the surprising and special details are hidden inside the garments. On the outside, one can see the simple cut design with a sublime female touch. As of today, Kaprol continues to create her collections in Istanbul.

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A world renowned designer regularly featured in fashion magazines and with showrooms in Istanbul and Paris, Arzu Kaprol has been designing since the early 90s and has steadily made a name for herself through her bold creations and a striking couture.

With subtle yet distinct differentiations between her Spring, Summer and Fall collections, the overriding tones are an ultra-modern, often space age feel, with sharp geometric cuts, asymmetry, uncompromising accessories and inspired layering. Her work is featured in fashion shows for those who want to cherry pick before visiting the store. Today, while the flagship store remains in Istanbul’s Nişantaşı, Kaprol has opened several boutiques throughout Turkey as well as the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and China. 

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