Published On: Wed, Jun 1st, 2016

BBC interviews mayor of Fethiye about tourism and safety issues

FETHIYEFethiye is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Turkey and it goes without saying hundreds of British citizens are preferring Fethiye as their second home nowadays.

On the other hand however Turkey has had some problems regarding tourism and decrease in number of foreign visitors. In this framework BBC have interviewed the mayor of Fethiye to hear his comments about the issue that is surely of great interest to British citizens willing to visit this destination and/or buy property and get settled down in Fethiye.


MAYOR-FETHIYEHere is the summary of the interview:

Mayor: ‘This is the year to come to Turkey’

Hundreds of thousands of British holidaymakers have stayed away from Turkey this year as the threat of terrorism remains high, 5 live has learned.

The mayor of the resort of Fethiye believes Turkey is as safe as “any country” including Italy and Spain and people shouldn’t be put off from going on holiday there.

He said that as numbers of holidaymakers are down, tourists will receive “special treatment” from hotels so “this is the year to come”.

Travellers have also been staying away from Egypt and Tunisia according to figures compiled by travel research company GFK and have been opting for Spain or the Canary Islands instead.

Release date: 24 May 2016

“Butterfly Valley” Fethiye, Turkey

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