Published On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2019

Slow Travel Guide; A very beautiful and professional web page about Turkey

Slow Travel Guide; A very beautiful and professional web page about Turkey

Turkey is a country that truly attracts our foreign friends to spend a holiday over here and it also inspires a considerable number of them to settle down and spend the  rest of their lives in this very unique country.

In fact some of them get attached to this country so strongly that they sort of dedicate themselves to promoting Turkey in the int’l arena via blogs and web pages on the internet. Slow Travel Guide is a good example in this case.

“Slow Travel Guide” is the website published by a Belgian couple living in Turkey. It is truly very apparent that it is going to be one of the most popular, spectacular and useful web pages on the internet, to promote Turkey. The reason is they  share amazingly beautiful pictures and information about Turkey with a very professional but also artistic language.

So, we kindly asked them to put together a few lines to inform us about their work and their goal. We are happy to share the text they have sent us telling us about their page and goals etc. Hope You enjoy it.


“We’re Mark and Pascale and we’ve made Turkey our new home. A home we love, with an endless range of beautiful places to discover, wonderful people, and delicious food to taste.

Not everyone gets the chance to see Turkey the way we do. Those who come here on holiday only have a few weeks at most to explore the country. That is why we decided to share the beauty we see; so that others can decide to go and see it too. We’re not selfie people.

Slow Travel Guide is not about us. It’s about Turkey, and everything it has to offer. We cover anything from cultural trips, beautiful spots in nature, to hidden gems. Because we believe visuals are important, you’ll find tons of photos in each blog post.

And for those who like to plan their trip with a map, we have an interactive map of Turkey, so that you can’t immediately spot which places are close to where you are.

We make a habit of adding a new blog post every week, so stay tuned!

In short, we love to inspire, but also to be practical. If you have any questions about visiting Turkey, we are always happy to help. People shoot us an email quite often, and we help wherever we can, just like we do in our Facebook group.”


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