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Bebek, one of the most prominent districts for foreigners to reside in Istanbul

Bebek, one of the most prominent districts for foreigners to reside in Istanbul

“Bebek Neighborhood”, Istanbul


Istanbul which was first inhabited thousands of years ago is no doubt one of the most magnificent metropoles across the globe with an abundancy of historical spots and natural beauties. This most crowded city in Europe – and fourth in the world – is built on seven hills and has always been a true center of attraction for foreigners visiting Turkey.

“Bebek Neighborhood”, Istanbul


In fact, today there are many foreigners residing in Istanbul and enjoying the unparalleled features offered by this wonderful city. Among all districts of the mega town BEBEK has no-wonder been the first choice for foreigners to reside due to its superb location by the Bosporus and elite environment.

Bebek Park, Bebek – Istanbul


Bebek lies at the narrowest point of Bosporus, the strait connecting the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea and eventually the Mediterranean. Some of the most prominent schools such as Bogaziçi University (former Roberts College) are located in the district. The building of the Egypt Consulate, is another spot to see as good example of the Art Nouveau style.

At Bebek you have a wide variety of choices for classy eateries, excellent fish restaurants, popular cafes not to forget very the prestigious BADEM EZMESI shop offering all kinds of “almond paste” sweets.

Bebek, Istanbul – People strolling along the shore


The neighborhood offers some of the most wonderful sea views one could ever see with fishing boats and ships passing by etc. Moreover the district also offers accommodation facilities with boutique and/or luxury hotels.

It goes without saying rents are incredibly dear at Bebek and so is food and all. Bebek is an expensive place to live at but worth it all the way through.

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