Published On: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

Bill Gates to spend $ 100 million on funding new initiatives to combat Alzheimer’s

Bill Gates to spend $ 100 million on funding new initiatives to combat Alzheimer's


It is reported by “Alzheimer’s Disease International” that Alzheimer’s (Dementia in most common form) affects close to 50 million people worldwide and is expected to affect more than 131 million by 2050. Experts say it would (hopefully) take another 10 years before new theories are tried enough times for success and it seems quite difficult to make a guess about when an effective drug could be found.

Despite this “not very promising” picture we witness (with joy) some positive or even promising news about this issue – like with many others. BILL GATES, for instance the billionaire founder of Microsoft has decided to invest US$ 50 million in the Dementia Discovery Fund, a risk capital fund that brings together the industry and the government and seeks treatments for the brain-borne disease.

The investment is not part of Gates’ philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and another US$ 50 million will be pursued in a number of initiatives that work in Alzheimer’s research.

Bill Gates expressed in an interview that the problem was big, a growing one indeed and the tragedy was high – even for people who lived”. In fact, despite years of scientific research, there has been no satisfactory treatment that slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Existing drugs can do no more than provide comfort by easing some of the symptoms.

Commenting about the issue, But Gates said that with focused and well-funded innovations, he hoped further treatments could be found, adding it would not take less than 10 years, probably.


Thanks for showing this “human” behavoir… Thanks for showing all the world there are human-beings that behave like a human is supposed to behave. We are greatful, Mr. Gates.

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