Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

BODRUM… One of the most prominent holiday resorts in the World

BODRUM… One of the most prominent holiday resorts in the World…”The land of eternal blues” as it is called… Also called Halicarnassus earlier, it has always been a spot of attraction for which kings and emperors have fought wars throughout history, to possess it. Bodrum is famous for its white houses, seeing the eastern and western harbors, narrow streets going down to the sea and its very unique castle as well as world famous yachts and shipyards.

Bodrum is an important tourism center that has all the features expected from a top notch holiday resort where one can live throughout the year. It has the capability to address a wide spectrum of visitors from richest to ones with more moderate budget.

Bodrum is the holiday spot which receives the highest number of visitors who turn the small town into an extremely overpopulated place in the summer. The fact that it has a climate suitable for visits during the winter as well makes it a favorable place throughout the year.

The advantage of being suitable for a wide spectrum of visitors with different preferences and likes makes is so attractive.

Bodrum has the feature of being a region so famous because of addressing every field. You can stay in luxurious Bodrum hotels, sunbathe on cushions or discover the mysterious beauties of the underwater world or else you can find out about Bodrum’s history visiting the museums and all… You can enjoy the most colorful Bodrum nights or you can go on a blue voyage along the beautiful coast…

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