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Bodrum where many of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey are located

Bodrum where many of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey are located

There is no doubt Bodrum is world-renowned hosting millions of tourists both foreign and domestic thanks to so many attractions it can offer. On top of the unparalleled landscape, the unique and authentic style of houses in the town it is a splendid source of entertainment radiating uninterrupted liveliness with its many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars etc.

This is not all however because Bodrum is among prominent holiday resorts in Turkey, probably with the highest number of beautiful beaches. These splendid spots listed below are ideal for spending an unforgettable time enjoying sun and beautiful sea and easily reachable for a suitable price thanks to minibuses that depart from the Bodrum bus terminal. One can enjoy these beautiful beaches from beginning of April until end of November.

GÜMBET: This is one of the most famous bays of the peninsula and only 3 km away from Bodrum. The beach, reachable from the town in five minutes has clean and warm water and is shared by beachfront hotels and restaurants. One can visit the grave of Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı known as fisherman of Halicarnassus, on the hill behind Gümbet.

BARDAKCI (Salmakis): The beach of BARDAKCI Bay, which has many recreation places in its surroundings, is sandy. The place is named after a spring which locals of Bodrum obtained their drinking water from until 1970s. The water was carried to Bodrum in pots which the locals called “glass”. Thus the spot was named BARDAKÇI (with reference to glasses used for drinking water). The name SALMAKIS relates to a water fair with this name and a legend (or rather fairy tale) she was involved in with one of the Gods at the time etc.

GUVERCINLIK: This bay is 25 km to Bodrum and has a wonderful beach offering lush green environment and blue, intermingling with each other. It is among the first preferences of those visiting Bodrum.

TORBA: This is a village located in a protected bay in Gulluk Bay at the northern tip of the peninsula, 5 km to Bodrum. There are many breakwaters for the people on the beach and there are a few restaurants on the beach. Boat tours to Didim, Milet and Priene are made from Torba which is a charming and lively bay where one can see plenty of pine and olive trees and a sparkling sea.

GÖLKÖY: This place which is located 13 km north of Bodrum is one of the magnificent spots of nature where pine, mandarin and palm trees mingle with crystal clear sea.

GUNDOGAN: Gündoğan Bay, which still has an untouched nature comparatively is 18 km from Bodrum and famous for its tangerine gardens.

YALIKAVAK: This village which is in the north east of the peninsula 18 km to Bodrum. Yalıkavak is famous for its windmills, sea fish and citrus fruit as well as hosting most famous sponge fishermen.

GÜMÜŞLÜK: This is a quiet village and one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula. Gümüşlük still retains its charm as the construction work is limited with the aim of protecting the Myndos antic city which lies just below the village. Part of Myndos is under water and can be seen snorkel diving. There is also a small island called “Rabbit Island” which can be easily reached through the water. The locals raise rabbits here and sell them in markets. For those who want to sunbathe, the beach on the west side of the village is very ideal and there are very nice fish restaurants in the village. Famous for its clear sea and fish, Gumusluk is also striking with its rich flora.

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