Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2020

Bulgarian Iron Church by the Golden Horn receives 300 thousand visitors in 2 years

Stevi Stefan Church, located on the banks of the Golden Horn and also known as the “Iron Church”, was opened two years ago by President Erdogan and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov after 7 years of restoration work. It is reported that 300 thousand people have visited the Iron Church in the last two years.

Sveti Stefan, which is unique as the only church in the world made of iron, was completely renovated for TL 16 million with the contributions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB). Officials responsible for the church have made a statement saying “the church is a symbol of both faith and the unifying power of the people”.

The officials also note that visitors are not from Bulgaria only and tourists from all over the world come here to visit this unique place. According to them the church even contributes to the mission of making the people nicer, open-spirited, self-aware and faithful”.

They say, “Tourists are always the best ambassadors of a country and the people of the two countries have started to understand each other better due to the excessive interest of Bulgarian tourists in Turkey recently. The more tourists go to another country, the better they will understand each other and our cooperation in other areas will improve”.

The officials in charge of the church say they are very pleased with the interest in the church, adding: “half of the visitors are tourists from Bulgaria. Most of the Bulgarians who flocked to Istanbul last year did not return to their countries without seeing the Demir Kilise. The municipality and the Office of the Governor helped us with everything. Tourists who come with tours are also very happy with the church”.

During this two-year process, the church hosted liturgies as well as a number of concerts and art events. “Since its opening, 8 concert events have taken place in the Iron Church. 6 paintings, photographs and sculptures were organized in the gallery at the bottom of the church. A number of concerts and events are also planned this year, as well.

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