Ciner Group of Turkey opens giant “Electricity Generation Plant” in Kazan, Ankara

Ciner Group of Turkey opens giant “Electricity Generation Plant” in Kazan, Ankara

Kazan Soda Electricity Production Facility (Ankara) – Thanks to the newly built “Electricity Generation Plant” of Turkey’s CINER Group in Kazan (Ankara), Turkey has now become theworld leader in the field of “soda ash production“ Ciner Group which has made a total investment of USD 3.5 billion in Turkey More...

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Tüpraş: Turkey’s Energy Giant

Tüpraş, Turkey’s largest industrial enterprise, is the 8th largest refinery company in Europe and 30th largest in the world. Tüpraş, only Turkish company operating in refining industry is Turkey’s More...

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Ezinç.. 5th largest solar energy company in the world

Ezinç which managed to rank fifth among the twenty largest companies producing solar energy systems worldwide, exports its own branded solar energy panels to eighty countries. The company started producing solar More...

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Turkey plans to build power plant on Iraqi border to swap electricity for gas

Turkey plans to build a power plant on the Iraqi border to sell electricity to Iraq in return for natural gas, says Turkey’s Energy Minister Taner Yıldız The Turkish government plans to build a power station More...