Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2019

China orders 300 aircraft to Airbus, the major competitor to Boeing

It is no secret China is growing very fast and thus has been the biggest nightmare for the USA in terms of world leadership in economy in particular, for quite a while. Now, China seems to be determined to pose a threat for the USA in the field of aviation as well as space projects.

The most recent news about this issue is quite interesting: In an economic environment in which Boeing has been struggling, Airbus has received 300 aircraft orders from this country.

Many experts in the sector were by all means surprised to learn that the European commercial aircraft manufacturer Airbus had received a giant order of 300 aircrafts from China with an agreement signed on Chinese President Xİ Jinping’s Paris visit.

What was more interesting seemed to be the fact that this order was placed at a time when BOEING was having a nightmare due to its best-selling jet, very recently.

According to the agreement signed between Airbus and China state purchasing agency China Aviation Supplies Holding Company, Airbus will deliver China 290 A320 planes and 10 A350 planes.

This sale of Airbus has taken place after two terrible accidents of the Boeing 737 Max which is seen as the global competitor to A320. The US aircraft manufacturer is also known to have a separate problem due the Chinese-US trade dispute.

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