Published On: Fri, Nov 3rd, 2017

Chinese tourists come to Turkey for shopping in luxury malls at city centers

Chinese tourists do a lot of luxury shopping in Istanbul

Chinese tourists have boosted the the Turkish retail sector. Chinese tourists that come to Turkey visit shopping malls that appeal to every segment as well as luxury consumption places. It is reported that the amount of money spent by Chinese tourists in Zorlu Shopping Center (luxury consumption spot) has increased 4 times compared to last year.

Chinese tourists coming to Turkey have become favorites of the retail sector in this country. It is observed that the number of Chinese tourists in luxury shopping malls at the central spots of Istanbul in specific, is increasing in parallel to the shopping volumes made by same.

On the other hand the number of Chinese tourists in referred shopping centers is much less than Arabs visiting same places and the ratio is forecasted to be 1 to ten. Experts comment however that the number of Chinese tourists is to increase substantially in the future and provide a satisfactory contribution to tourism revenues of Turkey. The reason is Turkey is a good and even brand new destination for Chinese who reflect a profile willing to spend money. On the other hand due to the political events that took place in Turkey not too long ago, European tourists have been pulling out of the Turkish retail sector, and it looks as if this has led to the increase of the weight of the Chinese visitors.

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