Published On: Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017

Chocolate market in Turkey and ŞÖLEN, an innovative company in the sector

Sölen Chocolate Factory is a leading producer in the sector.

As reported by a reputable research firm, the global size of the chocolate industry has exceeded USD 75 billion. The same source says countries such as India, Japan, Turkey and some Middle East countries offer prospects of growing chocolate sales in the future. Until 2021 on the other hand, a significant growth is expected in the sales volume of chocolate in Turkey which has reached a volume of 237 thousand tons of chocolate production with a market size of TL 5.3 billion in 2016. It is forecasted that in the next five years there will be an extra amount of sales worth USD $ 794 million in chocolate and chocolate products in the Turkish market with 9.5% annual growth.

Still, even this figure will not be good enough to reach chocolate consumption figures recorded in Switzerland. While 8.7 kg of chocolate per person is consumed in Switzerland, the annual consumption of chocolate per person in Turkey increased by 600 gr to 2.5 kg last year, reaching 3.1 kg. Switzerland on the other hand has the highest per capita consumption of chocolate with US $ 255 per person


When we look at the local market, there are well established reputable chocolate producing companies such as ETI and ULKER in Turkey, operating on a global level. Another company called SOLEN (Şölen, meaning feast in English) with a huge product range has taken some very remarkable steps and shown great progress in penetration to the market.

SOLEN is indeed considered to be one of the most venturous and innovative companies in Turkey. The company which has a history of 28 years, is proud of its success stories in local and global markets with its product portfolio of over 200 items including brands such as Biscolata, Ozmo, Milango, Boombastic, Luppo, Lokkum, Nutymax. SOLEN delivers to international buyers in more than 100 countries, currently.

SOLEN produces for consumers of all ages in its two facilities of highest standards in Gaziantep and Istanbul with 2 thousand employees. The company has pioneered in terms of technology, production and marketing in Turkey and is among the rare establishments in the country that have already switched to 4.0 industry standards with its dreamlike 120 thousand square meter facilities to include an R&D center in Gaziantep.

SOLEN which has managed to put its name on top of all the lists in the sector both in Turkey and in the world, is ranked 53rd in the Candy Industry TOP 100, one of the most important confectionery lists in the world.


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