Published On: Sat, Jul 8th, 2017

CHP leader thanks not only supporters but also those who protest “Justice March”

CHP leader KEMAL KILIÇDAROĞLU, who started the 24th day of the “JUSTICE MARCH“, said “I will walk alone from Dragos to the meeting ground (approx. 3 km). The Republican People’s Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal KILICDAROGLU gave a start on the 24th day of the Justice March. CHP Leader held a press conference before today’s march to start from Tuzla Stadium.

CHP leader thanked the people who supported the march and said, “Today is our 24th day. Again, we have a beautiful morning and a beautiful sun. We will start our march soon. I wish you all healthy and peaceful days. When we started our walk at the very beginning, there were concerns in several circles as to “if we could make it to Istanbul”. But we had determination and faith. We walked comfortably and reached the point where we will start again on the 24th day. We have lived all 4 seasons during this time: Cold, hot, rainy and foggy days. We were once again lucky to notice how beautiful Turkey was and it was really peaceful (relaxing) to view the beautiful countryside.

KILICDAROGLU who also thanked the citizens who protested them, said, “We had a lot of citizens who cared (about the event) on the road and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to them. We had citizens protesting us and I thank them from the heart, as well. We should enjoy the beauty of democracy together… While some protest those who applaud side by side… It would comfort me if this culture prevailed in politics too. In fact, that is the purpose of this walk; to provide justice”.


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