Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2018

CHP says they will immediately end state of emergency provided INCE elected president

CHP says they will immediately end state of emergency provided INCE elected president

Kemal KILICDAROGLU, Republican People’s Party Leader


CHP Leader KILICDAROGLU has stated that they will immediately terminate state of emergency in Turkey provided their candidate INCE wins presidential election to be held on 24 June 2018. CHP leader who met with representatives of non-governmental organizations, businessmen and mukhtars in Denizli as part of the 24 June election campaign, referred to the state of emergency in effect in the country for nearly two years and said they would abolish this practice within 1 month after June 25th, latest.

KILICDAROGLU also said they would bring democratic standards prevailing in democratic countries to Turkey as well and added

“We live in the world’s most beautiful country. We have an extraordinary beautiful geography and beautiful, hardworking people. We have history and culture. But we are not happy in this country and we want to be happy. We have problems which we want to overcome. If there is no democracy in a country, there will be no growth or development. There won’t be any peace there or freedom of expression. There will be no judicial independence or media freedom.

Turkey is a country that wants to develop its democratic life rapidly. The first step we will take is to bring all the democratic standards envisaged in contemporary countries to this country.  I promise you we will do this. Germany, France, Japan, the United States, which ever country you think of, we will bring all the democratic standards to our own country.”

CHP leader went on to say “We will not blame anyone for their thoughts or for their identities. We will respect people and make it possible for them to live in peace in the country they live. In this context, we will end this state of emergency on a ground where MUHARREM INCE is elected president and our MILLET ALLIANCE (Nation’s Alliance) wins the majority in the parliament. We will declare (show) to the whole world there is democracy in our country.”

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