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Çiya: An authentic Turkish food restaurant in Istanbul

Çiya: An authentic Turkish food restaurant in Istanbul

Istanbul is certainly the right place to enjoy splendid food to include an amazing variety of typical Turkish dishes. Indeed, Turkish kitchen is worldwide famous for its wide selection. This is not to say one would have to spend much effort to walk into a restaurant with western or international type kitchen or fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s etc… However for those who would like an unparalleled experience of authentic Turkish food ÇİYA restaurant certainly ranks among forerunners.

ÇİYA was founded by Musa Dagdeviren, one of Turkey’s best known restaurateurs. He also has a well deserved reputation for “uncovering long lost or forgotten local foods” which he prepares and serves at CIYA KADIKOY, Istanbul’s famous neigborhood.

Mr. Dagdeviren prepares and serves these old flavors and dishes at the three Ciya Restaurants (Caferaga Mahallesi Guneslibahce Sok. No. 43A, Kadikoy. Tel: 0216-4185115 or 3303190), that he runs together with his wife, Zeynep Dagdeviren. The three restaurants are located next to each other in the fish market in Kadikoy, on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Mr. Dağdeviren says he travels to the countryside to discover old ways of cooking vegetable dishes and meats, and preparing sweets, and rummages through trunks and closets for long-lost recipes. He also says he buys fresh produce direct from farmers.

He runs multiple restaurants one of which serves kebabs and the other provides traditional home cooking and the third serves old-style foods that have been researched by the Dagdevirens.

Mr. Dagdeviren has made a strong reputation as a master chef. The National Post of Toronto, and Food and Wine and the New Yorker Magazines have written about him and Ciya. (29.01.2013 – Editor, BTT)

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