Published On: Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

Could the conflict between USA and Korea lead to another world war?

The rising crisis between the United States and North Korea and the threats posed by nuclear weapons are causing concern as the possibility of a third World War is very threatening for human kind. North Korea showed that it had a ballistic missile capability to reach the US territory, claiming it developed nuclear warheads that could be adapted to missiles. In response to this, the United States passed powerful commercial sanctions against North Korea at the United Nations.

Referred sanctions ban exportation of North Korea’s iron, coal, tin mines, seafood, affecting 30 percent of the total foreign trade of this country. On the other hand US B1B bombers are flying over the Korean Peninsula to bring more stress on this country. Also the United States government has announced that it will introduce highly developed missiles against Korean missiles in South Korean territory.

USA leader Trump commented: “You do not show respect… This cannot be tolerated in my period … You will see fire and anger not ever seen in history before” adressing North Korean leader. The awkward exchange of statements and threats between two leaders has brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war threat.

At first glance, the logic tells us this conflict is not likely to turn into a big war between a poor country and the world’s richest and militarily most developed country. The odds are either the small country will be brought under control via diplomatic ways or large country will bring the conflict to an end in a very short time, using power. Indeed, the nuclear energy agreement with Iran, what happened to the regime of Saddam in Iraq, are examples supporting this reasoning. However, the world has seen that the war in Iraq has not been limited to Iraq and it has triggered a regional Sunni, Shiite rivalry, paving the way to terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and IŞID which have been on the world agenda with all the destruction and harm they have realized against humanity.

At the end of the day, there are many who believe a US-North Korean war would not be limited to a clash between these two countries and could lead to another world war which is truly threatening for our world and the human kind.

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