Published On: Mon, May 7th, 2018

Deputy and presidential elections in Turkey on 24 June 2018 not to affect tourism

Deputy and presidential elections in Turkey on 24 June 2018 not to affect tourism

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It is reported by experts in the sector that the elections to be held on 24 June will not affect Turkey’s tourism sector negatively. Antalya which is one of the main foreign revenue generating centers for the sector expects to have a very fruitful season in 2018. The experts evaluating the presidential and parliamentary elections to be held on Sunday, 24 June 2018 comment that the domestic tourism will not be affected much due to the elections coming after the Ramadan holiday.

Based on data recorded in first 3 months of the year, a performance increase of 30 percent is observed. Experts also draw attention that the impressions in tourism fairs in Germany, Russia and Ukraine and the information provided by professionals in the tourism industry indicate the country will have a good tourism season. The general opinion is the elections will not affect the performance of tourism.

On the other hand the professionals in the sector also comment that after entering the election a period of high tension could be observed in politics and the economy which in return could have negative reflections of the performance of the sector as well. Based on previous experiences, as this period increases, conflicts with foreign countries may lead to an environment generating negative effects.

This being the case the experts say, sooner the better and once the country is over with the elections we can get on with our work to perform with all our capability to bring in revenues. Seen from this point of view the professionals find it to the benefit of the sector that the elections will be held in such a short time like 2 months, only.

The experts report that no news regarding any cancellation of reservations has been received so far and state no indications in this direction have been observed so far.  It is good to know that foreigners are not affected by elections but the tensions in the period before elections might have a negative impact on them. “So, the sooner the better and let’s get on with our work” they say.

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