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KONYALI_RESTAURANT_TOPKAPITURKISH CUISINE is one of the most delectable cuisines in the world.

Freshly baked bread is always on the table. Since butter or oil and tomato paste are used liberally in the meals, butter and ketchup are not served separately. The main dishes are vegetables cooked with lamb, mutton or veal. Rice, various pastries, bulgur, dry beans and a variety of vegetables cooked in olive oil are served as side dishes. The best kebabs are served in specialist kebab restaurants. Gourmets patronize certain traditional small shops for the best and most authentic Turkish pastries and desserts. As fishing is prohibited between May and September, the extremely savory fish special to Istanbul can only be found fresh in the other months of the year.

Like all major cities of the world, Istanbul has restaurants specializing in various national kitchens. In recent years numerous fast-food outlets have sprung up. Nevertheless, typical restaurants are recommended for delicious regional dishes.

White is the color of the two best known national beverages: RAKI, the one with alcohol, is a strong clear drink that turns to white when water is added, while the second, AYRAN, is a refreshing beverage made by thinning yogurt. Raki can be served both as an aperitif with dried fruits or white cheese and melon, and during meals. It is not normally mixed with other drinks.

Anatolia is the homeland of wine and beer. Turkish winemaking has improved steadily and now offers good wines of every type, class and price range. The famous Turkish coffee is offered at every opportunity in small cups, either with or without sugar. The saying that “a cup of coffee will be remembered for 40 years” dates back to the 16th century when Turks first became acquainted with this beverage. Turkey is a paradise of fresh and dried fruits. Different seasonal fruits are shipped to Istanbul from all parts of the country the year round

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