Published On: Mon, Oct 9th, 2017

Do “all roads for Turkey in the Middle East crisis” lead to Damascus?

Experts in world politics believe it is very likely that the fire burning in the Middle East, the hot spot of the world could even grow bigger in a future not very far. The big question here is “Will the USA manage to realize the Great Middle East Project, a plan belonging to its invasive and imperialist policies or will said plan fail, to the benefit of countries and peoples in the region, certainly?”

If it were three or five years ago, the answer to this question would undoubtedly be “the USA simply comes, does as it pleases and leaves”. But now “times have changed” and there is another powerful playmaker in the region, namely Russia. One could even pronounce Vladimir Putin, straight. Regardless of people like or dislike him, this man has been providing some noteworthy examples of what it means to be a good a statesman and national leader for several years now – not to mean we endorse all Russia did in Ukraine, Crimea, etc., because this would be wrong. What we mean here is that this man has done and is still doing whatever Russia’s interests require whether it be using hard power or via politics only. To cut a long story short we are talking about a “Talk less do more” situation, here.

Now talking about Turkey, what do we see when we look at its current position? On the contrary to above we see a “Talk much, do little” situation, unfortunately. For those who would oppose this evaluation it would possible to provide plenty of examples, but everyone will certainly recall the situation the country has been going through with its allies (it has almost had good relations with) due to unfavorable, inconvenient (apart from creating disputes) and wrong policies exercised in its relations with said countries – which has only helped worsening its credibility and reliability as an ally.

Now when we look at the picture of “Turkey in the Middle East” we cannot refrain from referring to a country that

– has to bare the political and financial burden of 4-5 million Syrian refugees
– stands the threat of a prospective Kurdish state to be established next to its border
– stand the threat of facing “demands of land”  from said state, in near future
– may have to live through much bigger conflicts in the region for ages (to be even worse) in case Iraq and Syria split into pieces

It is only natural that the US will not even care about the Republic of Turkey, its wellbeing or survival. The need for the United States is simply to have “a loyal ally in the region” to guard, watch out and fight for its interests (oil reserves to be in the first place), not to forget the benefits of Israel either. That is exactly where the establishment of a new Kurdish State in the region (under Barzani’s control obviously) comes into the picture. The plan is known to anybody with a little interest in the region, namely Greater Middle East Project, to mean “divide, split and rule” in practice.

As we have already mentioned above, if Putin had not immediately woken up and put his power in this play in the region, all might have been a child’s play for the United States. But things may not go as planned sometimes and the USA is fully aware it is one of those times, in the region today, in which case the USA has to take Putin into account with every move they need to make.

In fact, the USA may have even included an eventual confrontation with Turkey – if need be that is in its plans to bring this project into life. To answer the question “whether such a move could still be applicable in case of need” with a positive reply seems rather difficult currently, after the involvement of Russia in the game.

Another very important point is there would be an easier solution for countries involved in the conflict in the region. That is a strong cooperation between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria (encouraged and supported by Russia) which would in reality cause the United States to say farewell to its ambitious dreams in the Middle East. And as far as Turkey is concerned, this alternative certainly seems to be the most logical and feasible solution as provided this strategy is put into action the disputes and armed conflicts to be incurred regarding the establishment of the Kurdish State and the possible future land demands will have been prevented from the beginning. This is also true for Iraq, Iran and for Syria certainly. A step that seems to be quite difficult, but quite practical and easy in reality to be taken by Turkey would start by considering changing the name of the man in Damascus from ESED to ASAD again (like in the friendly days) and shake hands with him to start a new (and inevitable actually) cooperation between Turkey and Syria which would definitely be to the benefit of all countries in the region. Otherwise, the situation might be much worse than it is today and the bloodshed with millions of lost lives and futures may continue to grow.

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