Published On: Wed, Nov 9th, 2016

Does it really matter who has won the “big” race in 2106 Presidential Elections?


If we say “what we have been watching and following so far” all along the election campaign is actually a huge “dog and pony show” at the end of the day, would anybody be astonished?

Yes, we are talking about a big show here which in the end will introduce us the new most powerful person in the world holding the destiny of hundreds of millions of Americans in his hands as well as billions on the globe.  But wait, will this person be in real charge of what he is going to perform regarding all those issues such as climate change, global poverty, economic crisis and most important of all peace in the world – Middle East to be in the first plan?

Do you think this person will have the final (or even main) say behind the curtain? Or is it a fact that the deep state and the powers holding the ropes behind the curtain will continue to be the actual authorities to make fatal decisions concerning the future of our globe and this person will be the “responsible/appointed” organ to make those decisions come true..?

So does it really matter that much who has won the race? Worth thinking isn’t it?

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