Published On: Tue, Sep 11th, 2018

Does the USA have a good reason to oppose an operation in Idlib by Syria?

Does the USA have a good reason to oppose an operation in Idlib by Syria?

American troops in Syria


International strategy experts comment that the USA would be far from stopping an operation to be held by the Syrian army in IDLIB province on the border with Turkey. According to same analysts “The warnings by the US do not work because Washington’s approach does not coincide with the realities in the field in Syria. Assad continues to advance with the support of Iran on land and Russia in air. The United States on the other hand has based its hopes on the United Nations-sponsored dull Geneva peace process. “

Then again, a claim shared by Russia that dissident groups are preparing for sabotage, as if a chemical attack is made by Syria to stop the eventual operation is another issue to pay attention to. In such case, meaning in the event of a new chemical weapon attack, Western forces might launch a limited air operation as in April, which would not point to a change in the attitude of the United States to avoid military engagement in Syria.

Experts believe that the US will not resist much against a campaign in IDLIB because they do not see a reason for the US which has not opposed the operations in Aleppo in the southern part of Syria, to oppose a campaign in IDLIB. The important issue here is that Russia is well aware of this situation which is supposed to make all the difference.

To recap experts believe Syrian army and Russia have gained advantage over the US for the time being and the US will try to look after its benefits in negotiations to follow military operations.

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