Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Donald Trump to announce decision to move US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Donald Trump to announce decision to move US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Donald Trump, the President of the USA seems to be sailing close to the wind. After the conflict the whole world has been watching breathless, Mr. Trump has given the signal he is scheduled to push the button for another trouble in the Middle East. White House Spokesman Sarah Sanders has declared that US President Donald Trump will announce Wednesday (today) his decision on the move of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

At this point, the question is if Trump sticks to the announcement made by the Government as to “moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem” will this be a good enough fuse to ignite another confrontation in the Middle East, and even a much worse one than the Syrian crisis.

Much worse because we know Jerusalem is a sacred place for Jews, but it is equally and even more holy for the Muslims. Consequently a de-facto move to make Jerusalem the capital city of Israel will in no way receive tolerance from the Muslim “WORLD” which means the peoples of the Middle East (to include those living in Israel) will face the threat of violence, terrorism and last but not least another bloody war among countries in the region.

Another important question is “Why is Trump focused on such radical and literally dangerous moves?” Is it because he is trying to consolidate the support extended to him by “patriotistic/nationalist (??)” citizens in the US or is it because he is (may turn out to have been) badly involved in problematic relations and misconduct in elections on the way to presidency and is trying to distract attention from those, to irrelevant and radical steps to keep eyes and minds busy?

Trump’s decision expected to be announced today is seen as a giant attempt to change agenda after Mike Flynn’s decision to cooperate with special prosecutor Mueller who investigates Russia’s intervention in the 2016 elections.

However, it is very clear referred decision of Trump who has the potential to set the Middle East on fire is very likely to drag Ankara to the brink of tough decisions, which has straightened out its relations with Israel, a short while ago, only.

Regardless of whichever assumption counts, one thing is sure; He has been sailing close to the wind since the day he was elected. One cannot help saying at this point: “God protect us” (rather than this guy will make America great again).

And before we forget, “God protect the USA too”.


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