Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2013

Durmazlar.. World’s largest machine manufacturer in units

DURMA_MACHINESDurmazlar Company, with its “Durma” brand is the world’s largest machine manufacturer in units.

The company is getting ready to manufacture trams and metro in Bursa  – a northwestern Turkish city, center for Turkish automotive industry – in partnership with Siemens..

Turkey’s automotive production base Bursa is about to realize a first tram and metro production as well. While prototype production  started at Durmazlar Machine Inc. continues with top speed, 2 prototype trams are planned to route Bursa city roads after their completion by February-March 2011.

Under the protocol signed between Durmazlar Machine, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Siemens Inc. motor drive system of trams will be provided by Siemens.

In production part of the project, Turkey’s first manufacturer of sheet metal processing machines Durmazlar machine which has been operating in Bursa since 1956, takes the role.

Durmazlar Machine today produces CNC hydraulic press brakes, robotic press brakes, CNC hydraulic shears, punch presses and laser machines in its fully integrated facilities for thousands of industrial organizations; automotive, construction, textiles, white goods, aviation industries, shipyards, electronic industry, defense and heating-cooling industry in 82 countires in 5 continents.

A Company executive has informed that a 30 person team worked in production phase of Turkey’s first tram.

“We as Durmazlar Machine have the capacity to produce 1 micron precision parts for machines we produce. We have  a 45 year old background, experience, knowledge, R&D and engineering expertise.

Within the scope of the project, in the first stage we have the target to produce 70-75 percent of trams and cars and to have them produced.

I can express that only the cost of software is 2.5 million Euros. Our goal is to localize the software system as well. We are struggling to use advanced technology at a reasonable price and we achieve this.

In Bursa tram project, we get counseling from Tübitak (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), Uludağ University aand Istanbul Technical University”.

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