Published On: Wed, Sep 19th, 2018

Erdogan says economy and political issues need to be treated separately

President Erdogan says Turkey is shifting to "production and yield" economy

President Erdoğan

President Erdoğan met with US business people. In the meeting with directors of several companies Erdogan said “economy and political issues should not be mixed up”. They do not interrelate. President Erdoğan stated that he does not want the problems with the US to affect the business world.

Erdogan who hosted the managers of US companies in the Presidential Complex also said “Our strategic partnership will be strengthened by investment and trade, despite all the ups and downs”

Erdogan said that all necessary steps would be taken to ensure that the business world is not affected by commercial measures and that “the principles of free market economy would not be abandoned”.

He said, “While we are looking for ways to solve the problems we face, we want the business community to cooperate with us”. We would never want you to be effected negatively by problems we have been living through with current US administration. We will continue to make necessary adjustments.”

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