Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2018

Erdoğan’s spokesman calls both Hakan Atilla case and the decision of the jury “scandal”

Ibrahim KALIN, The Presidential Spokesman reacted to the decision of the jury in the case against Hakan Atilla held on grounds that he had violated USA sanctions for Iran with the expression “The scandalous decision of the scandalous case”. Atilla was found guilty by the jury on 5 of the charges against him.

KALIN said “It is very clear that Turkey is facing a plot to stir up its domestic politics” adding what was being experienced was “a shameful scenario in the name of law”.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Presidential Palace, Kalın continued his words as follows: “Obviously, we are curious to know how much longer the US administration will allow FETÖ to exploit the US legal system through a number of links it has established in the States”.

Looking at the course of the case, the so-called evidence and the so-called witnesses, a case that should have been dismissed is in question.

A witness says “’I have to lie to get out of here”. Another one is a former police officer confessing he has arrived in US with the help of FBI. The judge who hears the case was brought to Turkey by an initiative arranged by FETÖ Organization (claimed to be behind failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016) to deliver speeches with a budget of USD 300,000 spent on the occasion. We need to express once again that it is a shameful political operation in terms of history of law and legal norms”.

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