Published On: Fri, May 24th, 2019

Ermenek, a very unique town in Karaman with a history of thousands of years

Ermenek is a town and district of Karaman Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The town was historically known as Germanicopolis which later mutated to Ermenek. The district forms the core of the plateau region Taşeli. The population in Ermenek town is about 11 thousand.

Germanicopolis was an ancient town in the Roman province of Isauria. The city took its name from Germanicus, grandson of first Emperor Octavian Augustus, as several others. After the Crusaders were defeated in 1098 the Turcic dynasty of KARAMANIDS took over the city which was later made the center of the Avşar Turks in 1228. During the Karamanid period, several of Ermenek’s historical mosques were constructed. It was later incorporated into the Ottoman Empire, becoming part of the Karaman Province where it was the second most important town after Karaman itself.

ERMENEK has always been a special place thanks to the mysterious, insurmountable and sheltered mountains of CILICIA together with its people who have lived here for thousands of years.

People who wanted to be protected from enemies, who loved independence, did not accept oppression and wanted to start life again, have acquired this place for centuries. Today, this very unique place offers an unparalleled opportunity to discover a lot.

From the very first moment you start to explore ERMENEK you notice there are so many attractions some of which are known but some still remain mysterious. The deep blue waters of the ancient Taurus Mountains, the myths of the ancient cities, the abysmal caves, the flamboyant necropolises, the present villages, the cedar forests, the beauty of the endemic plants, Ermenek Turkuaz Lake, the canyons and more…


Also there are some antique towns located in the region such as Domitiopolis called KATRANLI, at present.


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