Published On: Sat, Dec 24th, 2011

Eti.. Among Largest Cake Producers in Europe

ETI_FORMEti has the largest production facility in Europe and exports to 61 countries from Europe and Balkans to Africa and the US. Eti is also Turkey’s first national company producing industrial-type package cake. The company is among top 10 cake manufacturers in the world. Its cake factory in Eskişehir is now Europe’s second largest production capacity plant.

Eti has 6 manufacturing plant, 4,000 employees. It has 3% share in the Turkish bakery market and 9% share in terms of tonnage in overall market of chocolate bars and tablets.

Eti exports to 61 countries with good market shares in Lebanon, Bulgaria, Yemen and Morocco.

The revenues of Eti reached USD 600 million in 2009 and exports totaled upto 70 million dollars.

ETİ has always been on the leading edge of innovation in the sector, investing to provide better products to the Turkish public. On this culinary journey, ETİ has produced a string of products that are both tasty and memorable. These include Burçak, Turkey’s first digestive/high-fiber cookie; Etimek, the first ready-made toast; Cake Slice with Raisins, Fruit and Cocoa, the first industrial-type cake; Turti, the first packaged tart; Pronot, the first gluten-free cookie; and Brownie, the first moist cake.

Over the years, ETİ has not only constantly expanded its product range but it has also won many awards.  And as one of Turkey’s largest food producers, ETİ has carried out numerous social responsibility projects because of its concern for the community.

ETİ started production with 22 employees and a daily capacity of only three tons. Today, it has become a giant company with five factories, exporting nearly 300 products under 45 brand names all over the world.


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