Published On: Tue, Nov 5th, 2019

Expat Sofra: 33 foreign women from 9 countries share their stories about Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is considered to have the third place after French and Italian cuisines among the top 7 in the world. It is followed by Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Indian cuisines. Indeed the Ottoman cuisine on its own is described as extraordinary by those who have a good idea about the variety and all.

Turkey on the other hand has drawn incredibly much attention and been home to many foreigners from Europe as well as other parts of the world. Foreigners often voice how delicious they find Turkish meals and they get used to them quite fast.

Foreign women living in Turkey certainly contribute substantially to this country in many aspects and in terms of promotion of Turkey on the international arena via many activities they realize in this country and through sharing their experiences with people all over the word thanks to the internet and social media such as Facebook.

This time some of our foreign friends living in this country have decided to bring together stories of foreign women related to their experiences in Turkish cooking mainly, in a single book. They named the book which is partly a cookbook, partly recollections and partly a journey story filled with intimate stories, exquisite photographs and appetizing recipes EXPAT SOFRA.

Thirty three foreign women from the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, and South Africa tell their stories in this anthology.

The editors of the book are Katherine Belliel who says “I didn’t use to like tea and yogurt or grape leaves. Then I moved abroad. An American residing in the Middle East, I have called Turkey home since 2003” and Francesca Rosa who unlike any of her other Italian friends left Italy and began her expat life at the tender age of 18. After several various experiences to include education and employment at reputable establishments she finally became quite a master in the art of culinary.

Well, they say “The book is fun, touching, bold and delicious and the cooking stories in it cater to all tastes. Seat travelers, tourists, gourmets, food designers and expats will all find a place on our table. Enjoy your meal”.

We congratulate both editors and contributors “Anna McMurray, Annie Onursan, Annie Prior Özsaraç, Camille Leganza, Catherine Yiğit, Cecile Popp, Corina Carthew, Dawn Borndahl Cimen, Gabrielle Reeves, Ilse Naves-Scheidel, Jayme Jo Ebert, Jennifer Herrick-Gibbs, Jennifer Yonan, Jeri Bidinger, Jessica Lutz, Joy Ludwig-McNutt, Katherine M. Fierro, Kirsten Voris, Kristina Moritz, Leanna Fry Balcı, Leigh Lewis, Lisa Morrow, Lucille Abendon, Maria Eliades, Nicola Huxley, S.P. Şipal, Sally Edith Green, Slawomira Kozieniec, Tanya Adman and V.M. Payne” for having created such a valuable book thousands will benefit from and also find out more about Turkey.

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