Published On: Wed, Oct 3rd, 2018

Experts believe it’s time for new investment opportunities in Turkey

Experts believe it’s time for new investment opportunities in Turkey

Based on its performance during the last decade and the economic indicators recorded experts think Turkey’s economy has quite strong fundamentals. They maintain it’s only normal that companies merge or close in an open market such as Turkey, meaning it is a normal process. On the other hand they also comment there are some good companies looking for partners to overcome financial issues and strengthen their position in this regard. They also say this approach would no doubt contribute to overcoming the troublesome period the economy has been going through for a while.

Professionals who have been following Turkey for quite a while state that economic indicators are promising despite some issues such as high inflation and fluctuation in dollar lira rate. They add that the private sector has a debt problem however such experiences are normal in open markets such as Turkey. Despite some negativities Turkey’s future is promising. In fact Turkey has overcome worse situations in the past.

On the other hand looking at the picture from another point of view, it may be considered a good chance and a suitable time to buy good companies for good or convenient prices. In fact, the government has been recommending that companies should get new partners rather than borrowing money. This way the capital structure of companies will be much more stronger allowing for a more comfortable and efficient operation.

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