Published On: Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

Experts forecast further depreciation in Turkish Lira in second half 2017

Experts say any signals to reduce the balance sheet at today’s Fed meeting or disagreements between FED members could be very critical in terms of pricing. On the other hand it could also be critical to hear statements to be made by prominent central banks regarding prospects of “normalization in monetary policies” at Jackson Hole meetings on 24-26 August 2017.

Experts draw attention that TL has lost value in parallel with depreciation in emerging country currencies and forecast a further depreciation in currencies of developing countries in the second half of 2017

In parallel to the depreciation of the developing country currencies, there is depreciation in the TL as well and the depreciation in TL and other developing countries to is expected to continue.

Based on forecast by experts USD / TL rate could go up to 4 levels as when considered from a technical point of view critical levels seem to have been broken. If technical formations realize we could even witness new top levels and levels like 4 and 4 plus would not be very surprising because serious value losses are expected in South African and Brazilian currencies and Russian ruble. As we are in this segment, we can see depreciation in TL as well, to parallel this development.


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