Published On: Thu, Mar 24th, 2016

Experts recommend Turkey as among most suitable countries for health tourism

HEALTH-TURKEYTurkey despite difficult times it has been going through due to unpleasant political developments in the Middle East, is still considered to be among the most suitable destinations to offer international patients top technology and expertise in the health industry, at most reasonable costs.

Turkey owns top of the range hospitals of state-of-the-art technology, knowledgeable and experienced health personnel. A report says the country received more than 14 million visitors in 2014 which granted a place in the “top ten” list of the most visited destinations in the world. The good news for Turkey was it was also confirmed as a major hub for medical travel and health treatments, obviously due to 20-year action plan to boost the tourism industry in the country.

Concerned operation is said to be started in 2003, based on a detailed plan of action to boost the image of the country on the int’l level and encourage people to visit Turkey. The plan is expected to be accomplished by 2023, covering most areas of the tourism industry.

The plan covered an action program where destinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia and the Mediterranean coast were to be promoted as of priority, not to forget special emphasis on tourism alternatives such as adventure sports, religious tourism and especially the health sector.

Looking at the technology, expertise and fairly (sometimes most) reasonable cost etc. Turkey is obviously among most attractive destinations for many European citizens in specific, seeking to improve their health abroad.

To recap  Turkey’s tourism has been on the rise for several years now and health tourism sector has substantially contributed to this bright achievement. Moreover this picture has even influenced the property market in Turkey as well as the fact many foreign citizens have got to know this country much more closely and consequently made a preference to buy property and get settled down in this land – or else they have been a good source of reference back home to tempt people to come and see the country.

We personally recommend to explore the prices and premises of companies in Turkey offering medical and health treatments. Most people are extremely surprised at the level of service and aftercare offered. A trip to Turkey for them not only saves money, but they opt to have a holiday at the same time as looking after their body. We as Turkey Homes UK Ltd would be pleased to recommend some of the top Istanbul Private Hospitals for quotation and consultation. Please contact us for further details.

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Article by Tolga ERTUKEL
Property Agents for Turkey

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