Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

Ford Otosan a Turkish automotive giant and export leader


FORD OTOSAN is the largest automotive company in Turkey. It is observed that the company is continuing to be the leading commercial vehicle producer in 2016 so far. Ford Otosan which achieves 64 percent of its turnover in exports also accounts for 65 percent of Turkey’s total commercial vehicle exports. In fact it is reported that 2015 was a year Ford Otosan to break performance records and the company took the lead from Tüpraş for the first time, to rank number one in export leaders list of Turkey. Ford Otosan grew 40 percent and reached a turnover of 16.7 billion TL in 2015, ranking 6th place in Capital500 list.

The growth is estimated to be due to the increase in unit prices per vehicle and both local and exports sales figures exceeding one million. As for 2016 the sector has been doing quite well with no expectation of a significant volume change in the market. According to Ford Otosan management the company has broken a record in exportation of vehicles from Turkey thanks to the increase in number of vehicles sold to Europe and also sales have shifted to a higher segment, causing average sales price per vehicle to go up.

The whole production program of Ford Otosan is based on commercial vehicles. While the total automotive market grew to reach a figure of 1 million 5 thousand pieces, the company expanded, as well. As mentioned above, the main reason for this upward trend is the increase in export sales and the increase in the unit prices of the vehicles sold by the company. In fact the unit price per vehicle has increased by 5 percent compared to the previous year.

2015 domestic wholesale sales numbers of the company increased by 40 percent with positive market conditions and strong sales tempo of new products, and became 127 thousand 98 units. Exports have increased by 32 percent compared to the same period in 2014 with 254 thousand 644 units, owing to the increase in demand for new vehicles. Total sales reached 380 thousand 742 people.

It is also understood that things went well in Europe for Ford Otosan in 2015 and business is doing well this year as well. Ford in fact moved from 7th place in Europe to first place in the category of commercial vehicles, Ford Otosan to be granted major credit for this success. In fact Ford Otosan contributed substantially to this achievement via production of a new series called “Custom” which offers much more comfort to the passenger such as leather seats, leather steering wheel, air conditioners etc. – rather than open the door and load type of vehicles of a lower comfort segment – due to higher sales price.

Ford Otosan produces 81 percent of commercial vehicles produced for Ford in Europe. The company certainly targets to continue its leadership in automotive exports in the coming years as well.



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