Published On: Tue, Jul 5th, 2016

Foreign investment in Turkish real estate sector has doubled

REAL-ESTATE-FOREIGNERS-0507Foreign investment in Turkish real estate sector has doubled

Foreign investment made in Turkish real estate by foreigners the last 3 years, increased from 2 billion 621 million US dollars to 5 billion dollars.

Experts say this success is due to the fact that Turkish contractors have learned what kind of houses foreigners would prefer to buy. Contractors have started making more sales by building houses with features foreigners would like to have.

On the other hand the depreciation of Turkish Lira against US Dollar and Euro has made a stimulating effect on pending demands of foreign buyers and encouraged them to evaluate the advantageous situation by buying houses for considerably cheaper prices.

Moreover the Turkish administration contributed to this positive situation by taking concrete steps in reciprocity and providing important incentives for foreign investors.

The efforts spent by private and state establishments to promote this situation both at home and abroad also helped increase sales volumes.


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