Published On: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

Foreign Secretary Tillerson says USA considers Turkey’s border security concerns

Foreign Secretary Tillerson says USA considers Turkey's border security concerns

Foreign Secretary Tillerson and President Erdoğan

After the meetings between President Erdoğan, Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu and US Foreign Secretary Tillerson it was announced at a joint press conference in Ankara that a mutual agreement had been reached for the normalization of relations between two allies.

Following T. Cavusoglu’s speech, Tillerson began his speech by thanking Çavuşoğlu and Erdoğan and said, “We seriously take into consideration requirements of Turkey regarding protection of its borders, in a safe manner. We take this seriously when any of our members in the NATO alliance has such a security concern.”

Tillerson went on to say the following; “In this respect, we have some request from Turkey to avoid any harm to civilians while performing this work. Also, we are trying to ensure the tension does not increase. Right from the beginning, we have been extremely open to Turkey about our goals in Syria. We have always said that the support we provide to the Syrian Democratic Forces will be limited and focused on a certain mission. We have stated that it is a support that will prevent the military targets from being moved further”.

There is no difference between goals of the USA and Turkey regarding Syria

Tillerson went on to say “In the meetings we had yesterday evening, we presented our proposals as to how the issues of critical importance could be solved. These will be stated in our joint press declaration as well. There is not difference between goals of Turkey and the USA regarding Syria.These are; To save this territory from ISIS, the return of refugees and to establish an independent and democratic Syria. We will realize coordination when we continue our joint work against other terrorist groups as well and decide who will be more dominant in those regions.We will deliver this territory to the people who have always lived here after we clean this territory.First, we will discuss the issue of Manbij. North we will continue to work on the whole of Northern Syria. We will support the Geneva process. This way we will have ensured the control of Turkey’s border safely”.

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