Published On: Sat, Sep 6th, 2014

Free the Parrots: A “highly” talented couple from St. Petersburg, Russia

Andrew and Alla, from St. Petersburg..

They do “COVER” music obviously.. But what a talented guitar player and such a gifted singer.. Beautiful team..

We believe it would be worth clicking on the video to listen to these lovely artists..





Translation from Google (By the way, they should have some English on their website.. 🙂

Our names are Andrew and Alla, and we play together only the music we love. Although perhaps sometimes it may seem that we scoff. Possible. But if it happens, it is only with emotion. They say that something we recall the wonderful Italian Musica Nuda. We are pleased, so when they say or write. We met on the stage of an art cafe Boiling water in St. Petersburg on 20th January 2012: Alla of urgency was called to replace the scatter in different directions singers who worked with Andrew at that time. Actually, our strengths (multiple quotes from different songs in different songs, poor predictability of songs, almost in principle “layvovost”, etc) and could occur only in the such severe conditions: no rehearsals had nowhere to retreat, right “here and now” it was necessary to “create” something so brash mourning shall, so no one would know about that we are playing for more than talking to each other. We liked the sense of humor each other and possibly music thick-skinned. There are such a desperate state, which are perceived by others for freedom highly. And then it started …

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